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Emil Doc Brown Chocolate

Deck Only Natural
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The very first Emil Board, the "Doc Brown" comes in two delicious versions. Chocolate and Vanilla. The top and bottom plys of the Chocolate version are colored in dark brown. The inner plys and the kick are natural maple colored. With its 31 inches in length and 8 inches in width it has more or less the same size as a "normal" skateboard. The wide wheelbase of 21,5 inches and the 8 plys of best ecologically grown maple wood guarantee a fantastic surf on the sidewalk. By choosing layered maple wood, we went for a classic you can trust in. It strengthens the board while keeping it flexible in the same time. Being manufactured like this, the board pops you nicely out of every turn, which enhances a fun surf feeling. The flat board guarantees a solid stance while the sharp rails offer perfect grip for smooth turns. You can easily ride your Emil without griptape, but of course we offer our boards with grip, too. The small kick on the tail, which is even made of layered maple wood, allows you to pass curbs with elegance.

The complete comes with silver 150mm reverse kingpin trucks and white wheels. The candy setup comes with blank trucks and blank wheels and the praline setup for more advanced riders comes with RANDAL trucks and THESE wheels. The decks are also available without any mounting parts. With a complete you also get an extremely cool oldschool skateboard tool, and to the first 50 orders we add a super nice Poster on top!