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Emil black lime

Brand: Mini-Logo
239,00 €
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For the emil boards BLACK SUMMER 2015 edition, we covered the last 5 boards of our first 100 boards edit whole black and added some fresh colored & high qualiy hardware to them.
Each color will be available only once! 5 exclusive one-piece-only-boards – fresh for the summer!

The color range reflects a perfect summer surf day:
Waking up with the sun LITE (white), lying in a hammock directly on the beach.
Having a STRAWBERRY (red) smoothie for breakfast.
Grabbing a BANANA (yellow) fresh from the tree for lunch after the first surf session.
Ordering a juicy LIME (green) Caipirinha being heavily stoked by the nice afternoon session.
Starting into a perfect summer NITE (black) watching the sunset on the beach.

Enjoy the limerinha!