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The Brand

We are the sidewalk surfing specialist

Emil Boards: fiction meets history

We are „Back
to the Future“
Addicts …
… making
surf and skate
… skateboards
for surfing
the sidewalk

Inspired by the movie „Back to the Future – One“ we started to build square skateboards in the beginning of 2013. Since we are pretty passionate about the spirit of the early days of surfing and skating, we love the message of the movies skate-scene: If you need to, you can skate on pretty much everything. Even a simple piece of rectangular wood. Surfers back then did the same to survive days without waves. They wanted to have fun, so they invented the skateboard. It was this simple piece of wood with wheels, that feed their surf appetite. What a simple and great invention! As we are designers, we aim to make our simple pieces of wood as beautiful as possible and since we are skating for decades, we even want them to perform! So, since the day Marty Mc Fly invented the first skateboard in 1955, we are keen on keeping up the tradition of handcrafting the most beautiful, most disctinctive and functional side walk surfboards til today.

We do
just for

Your fun! it‘s all about the emil smile.

When was the last time you did something for the very first time? What a great and exciting feeling that is! It‘s that feeling we all had so often when we were little kids. Imagine these moments in life, and you automatically get a smile on your face. When we stepped on our first rectangular skateboard in 2013, we had the feeling of having invented the skateboard. We had the feeling of skateboarding for the first time! We had this pretty biiiig smile on our face, having a simple piece of wood with wheels underneath our feet. Yes, most of the time, it‘s the simple things in life, that make you happy. And that‘s what we are doing our boards for: We want to share that biiiig smile with you! We want you to dream of winding roads at nighttime, get up smiling, and surf them in daytime. We want you to hang ten cross roads and float through traffic jams. We want you to make puddles spray foutains, cruise down alleys and get barreled by trees. We want you to enjoy the ride. The simple ride. We want you to cruise, to surf, to curve. We want you to live. We want you to love. We want you to smile ... just for fun