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The mini cruiser
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The EINSTEIN is smaller than a Penny and definitely cooler than a scooter. This board is your true companion for the everyday grind. Take it always with you and it‘s like having an ace up the sleeve. Thanks to the original „Dog town boys“-trucks it is super easy to maneuver. Ride it, when possible, carry it, when needed. Feels like riding the cool version of these „future-kids-wheel-shoes“. Got it?! Yess!


Shape flat deck with the origninal emil kink tail and emil‘s square signature nose

Material 5-ply bamboo deck with two layers of carbon for extra strenght and endurance. The extra thin top and bottom plies, made from canadian maple, provide the super slick emil look.


Length 21.0"
Width 5.7"
Height (Complete): 3.5"
Wheelbase 11,7"
Kicktail 1.8" (length), 1,2" (height)


  • surf
  • speed
  • distance
  • carrying


trucks85 mm Tracker Dart
wheelsemil ghost (55 mm, 78A, ghost white)
bearingsABEC 9
riserpadsemil boards (6 mm)
griptapeemil boards
nuts, bolts, spaceremil boards